Full Year Competitive Cheerleading Program

competitive cheer

Competitive Cheer

Championship Cheer

CT Hart Cheer’s full year competitive cheer program offers options for athletes ages 5+. The season begins in mid-June and wraps up with an end of the year competition in April. This program practices 2-3 times a week and attends competitions in CT, RI, and MA. 

We are committed to championing your cheer and your other life-challenges. In-turn, we ask that you commit to our methodologies and your team. We show up for you, and we expect you to show up for us. 90% of success on and off the mat is showing up. This is why our attendance policy is so clearly laid out for families and athletes to understand up front, along with expected behaviors.

To become a member of our Full Year Cheer team, contact us by email for more information